In the final part of the speaking test the examiner will ask further questions about the topic raised in part 2. The student is to answer immediately.

Part 2 vs. Part 3

The basic topics of part 2 are:

Past Experience
Future Plans

If an examiner has been asking about a personal object/experience, he/she will usually make the subject more general in part 3 (eg. a talk about your favourite book in part 2 will become a discussion about books in general in part 3).

Possible In-Depth Questions

How/when/where/how long do people do x in your country?

How do you feel about x?

Why is x important?

What x is popular in your country?

What type of people enjoy x?

What do people do when they see/visit x?

How is x different today from the past?

Do you think x will change in the future?

What are the causes of x?

What can people do to improve x?

What are the benefits/drawbacks of x?

How does x affect your health?

How does x affect the environment?

Do you think the government should have more/less control over x?

What is your opinion of how schools teach x?

Do you think x affects the way people do y?