The internet doesn’t have to be used only for social networking; here are some other sites people enjoy, as well as other sites that appeal to special interests.

Alternative Search Engines

Startpage – Startpage searches Google anonymously, therefore your searches and data are not recorded
Duck Duck Go – unlike Google, Duck Duck Go does not track your searches or filter results.
Wolfram Alpha – Wolfram Alpha is more like an encylcopedia; it doesn’t link to other pages, but just gives a single page of key facts
Yossarian Lives – A slightly odd ‘metaphor’ search engine. It shows photographs relating to the picture to inspire ideas (how related can be controlled – set it at ‘distant’ and the pictures will hardly relate to the search at all)

Newspapers & Magazines

The New Yorker


Bio Channel – a look at famous people, both from the past and in the news
Harrell Fletcher’s Interviews with Children – A project from Dumbo Feathers, in which parents interview their children


Videojug – ‘How to’ videos
Hub Pages – Instructions on how to do things, given by people with all sorts of interests
Monkey See

Science and Reasoning

TED – Talks and Discussions from remarkable people
Newton TV – Exploring modern science


Pacman Online – Play classic games: Pacman, Frogger, Simon, Space Invaders…Some of the best, simplest games ever made
Simon: A site to play Simon: watch the patterns, and repeat.
Lemmings It looks dated now, but this was Angry Birds and Cut the Rope in 1991.
Pyongyang Racer – Commissioned by Koryo Tours, and made in North Korea, do a lap through the streets of Pyongyang.
Mousebreaker – Large bank of free, simple online games

Quizzes and Puzzles

Sporcle – Many games, with particularly good picture games
Jigzone – Jigsaws on the internet
Puzzlemonster – Challenging puzzles aimed at children


Khan Academy – Virtual classrooms and videos


Rotten Tomatoes – All the movie reviews in one place
Sight and Sound – The magazine of the British Film Institute


Seat 61 – Train guides, advice and timetables from around the world
Earthcam – Spy on people from around the world! Cameras in New York, Moscow, Paris, and more


The Karaoke Channel Online – Have a go at singing
exfm – A link to thousands of music sites, with a search engine to find people hosting songs you know, and opportunity to try something new or create a playlist.


BARB – See the highest rated UK TV shows. See what the UK is watching.