Google : Everyone knows Google.
Facebook : You have a page, you look at friends’ pages, and you spy on people.
Youtube : Lots of videos. Some of them are good.
Wikipedia : The online encyclopedia, updated by real people
Twitter : Some people say it is inane. Many people enjoy it.
Amazon : Originally sold books, but now sells just about anything
LinkedIn : Pretend that you are important and that networking will help you get rich
Flickr: a place to post your pictures online
IMDB : The internet movie database lists information on movies
WordPress : Build your own website or blog, filling the web with your opinions
Paypal : set up an account and transfer your money
Pinterest :A bit like Facebook, but based on photos rather than talking about the sandwich you had for lunch
Craigslist : A place to advertise your services, or sell your stuff. And in the personals section, both.

Note that some of these websites are currently blocked in China.

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