Essay examples (short)

What can be done to make people feel safer? (240 words)Are large or small classes best for language learning? (363 words)
Are intelligent friends better than humorous friends? (262 words)Will robots have a positive or negative effect on society’s future? (371 words)
Is it right that celebrities endorse charities? (298 words)Should students primarily concentrate on subjects that will help them get a job? (375 words)
Should schools promote arts and sciences equally? (299 words)Should food advertising be banned in an effort to reduce overeating? (376 words)
Do advertisements reduce individuality? (301 words)Should compulsary retirement be introduced in order to ease youth unemployment? (379 words)
Should children always obey rules in class? (324 words)What are the positive and negative effects of internationally mixed cultures? (384 words)
Can young people be leaders? (325 words)Why do more people watch blockbusters than locally produced films? (390 words)
Should universities have quotas? (328 words)How is a reduction in face-to-face contact affecting society? (398 words)
Should the government subsidise artists? (328 words)What can be done to reduce anti-social behaviour? (402 words)
Are ‘national awareness days’ effective? (333 words)Does peer pressure make people buy products they don’t need? (416 words)
Is pollution a necessary part of development? (334 words)Should state money be spent on celebratory events? (424 words)
How important is it to think about the future? (334 words)Is technology damaging young people’s literacy skills? (433 words)
Are environmental problems best solved through technology or living simpler lives? (346 words)Are families less close than they used to be? (446 words)
What is music’s role in society? (351 words)Is job satisfaction more important than job security? (470 words)
Should companies have gender quotas? (352 words)Is taxation as a form of population control right? (648 words)
Is economic development beneficial? (358 words)Does peer pressure make people buy products they don’t need? (662 words)
Should unhealthy food be banned? (360 words)Has the increase of women in the work force had an adverse effect on children at home? (790 words)

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