Airport (departures)

Useful vocabulary and phrases


International DeparturesDomestic Arrivals
International ArrivalsTerminal 2
Domestic Departures
Which terminal for (Cathay Pacific)?How do I get to (Terminal 2)?
Which building is (Terminal 2)?Where is (International Departures)?

Checking in

check-in desk (noun) check in (verb)
check-in (noun)
ticketboarding pass
e-ticketboarding card
Is this the check-in for (Amsterdam)?Is this the line for (British Airways)?

Check-in questions

Where are you flying to today?Do you have any bags to check in?
What is your final destination?Did you pack the bag yourself?
How many people are flying today?You / Your bags have been checked through to… (*if have a connecting flight)
Can I see your (passport / boarding pass) please?The flight boards at (time) from gate number …
Would you like a window seat or an aisle seat?

Immigration requests

Can I see your passport please?Please look into the camera
Do you have your departure card?Please put your thumb on the sensor

Security requests

Please empty out your pocketsPlease raise your arms
Please take off your (jacket/belt/shoes)Please turn around
Please put (your laptop / keys / any electronics) in the trayPlease open your bag
Are you carrying any liquids?Step this way

Flight side

duty-free (shop)club members lounge
departure loungeconcourse A
business class loungegate

Changes to the flight

delayedgate change

On the loud speaker

Would passenger (name) flying to … on flight number … please report to the nearest information desk, thank you.We are sorry to announce that flight number … to… has been cancelled due to (reason). Passengers should contact a flight representative for more details.
Flight number … to … is now boarding through gate number …Would passenger (name), flying to…, please report to gate number…as you are delaying the plane.
We are sorry to announce that flight number … to … has been delayed due to (reason). We thank you for your patience.Boarding will close in 5 minutes, at which point we will begin unloading your baggage.

In a hurry

express check-inexpress lane (*at immigration and security)
Excuse me, do you mind if I go first? My plane is boarding in …minutes.Excuse me, can you take me to gate 5? My plane is boarding.
Excuse me, can I get ahead of you? I’m in a hurry.Hold the gate! I’m coming!


upgradebump up (*casual English)
Mr Smith, we have a few no-shows so have upgraded your ticket to first class.