Booking a Table

Useful Vocabulary and phrases

I would like to book a tablefor (day)
I would like to reserve a tableat / for (time)
for (how many people)


Dialogue 1

“Big Joe’s Restaurant, how can I help you?”
“Hi, yes. I’d like to reserve a table for 2 tomorrow at 6.”
“Tomorrow at 6. Smoking or non-smoking?”
“Non-smoking please.”
“Ok. Under what name?”
“Mr and Mrs Smith.”
“Ok. So that is a non-smoking table for 2 tomorrow at 6”
“Ok, that’s all sorted. See you tomorrow Mr Smith.”

Dialogue 2

“Good evening, Royal Oak”
“Good evening. I’d like to reserve a table for 4 for Thursday at 8.”
“Certainly. We have a table available on the terrace.”
“That sounds fine.”
“And what name is it under?”
“Could you spell that for me sir?”
“Of course. P-R-Y-Z-B-I-L-I-A”
“And can I take a contact number?”
“Yes. 135679863”
“Thank you. Let me confirm your reservation: a table for 4 on the terrace for Thursday at 8 under Pryzabilia.”
“Look forward to seeing you on Thursday. Good evening.”