1. What is it?

Character voice is the voice – including thinking, acting and speaking – that is specific to a particular character. It helps illustrate a unique personality. 

2. How is it made?

Specific thoughts for each characterUse of accents and speech patterns. These often relate to geography or education.
 ‘Show, don’t tell’ approach to character’s uniqueness

3. Examples

Thomas looked at the man with an air of disgust.
“I’m sorry, but I have no wish to discuss this matter, or any matter, with you. We have absolutely nothing in common.”
“Aye, t’at may be, bit yoo shu’dnay be ‘n sich a hurree to git rid o’ me. I can ‘elp yoo wit yer problum.”
“You have no idea about my problem!”
“I know yer problum jest fine. I lived yer problum. Back ‘for I came dis mess’o’a’man yoo see now, I knoo da isssoos o’ deelin’ wit da gangs. I knoo how dey made der munee. Und ‘f I cood ‘elp yoo fight back, ‘ell, u’d be ‘appy to ‘ave my revenge.”

“The issue, skip, is that you need the money. Without the money, you won’t be able to get started, and it will always just be a dream.”
But Trent, as optimistic as ever, was not listening. His fingers fidgeted beside his thigh.
“It will work. People want this.”
“I like your confidence, skip, but be realistic. I wish I could supply you the money myself.”
The fingers strummed quicker against Trent’s side. He disliked people trying to stall him.
“People want this.”
“Money, skip. It won’t work otherwise. Do you hear me? Are you hearing my words?”
The fingers stopped strumming. He looked at his friend, eye to eye, which he rarely did.
“I hear you, ‘skip’. But people want this.”

4. Task

Write a short piece that displays the character voice of two characters.