Comic Relief is held every two years on a Friday in March

  • Comic Relief is a charity event in the UK.
  • Comic Relief is also called ‘Red Nose Day’ because people are asked to buy and wear red noses for charity.
  • The idea of Comic Relief is for people all across the UK to do interesting or amusing things to raise money for charity. Meanwhile, famous comedians and TV stars have a live show that asks for people to call in and donate money.
  • Comic Relief was started in 1985 by comedian Lenny Henry and scriptwriter Richard Curtis (who wrote the comedy ‘Blackadder’, and the movies ‘4 Weddings and a Funeral’ and ‘Love Actually’).
  • The design of the red nose changes every Comic Relief. It started as a simple nose, but has since had arms, been a tomato, and even changed colour when it got hot.
  • Noses are also made for cars and, previously, buildings. Unfortunately, noses on buildings were declared a fire hazard.
  • There is also a Comic Relief single (a song) released for every Red Nose Day.
  • The 2013 edition raised over £75 million, the most raised so far. It has raised nearly £700 million since it started.
  • Some people don’t like Comic Relief: they think that is stupid, and if they want to give to charity then they shouldn’t need to do silly things.