Part 1

Anna: I really like your house.
Philip: Thank you. I like it a lot. It’s very comfortable.
Anna: How many rooms do you have?
Philip: One bedroom, plus a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room, and a dining room. There is a small garden behind the house. This is the living room. Please, sit down.
Anna: Thank you. The flowers on the table are very pretty.
Philip: Yes, but I should buy a vase. Now, they are in a cup.
Anna: When did you come here?
Philip: I moved here 2 years ago.
Anna: 2 years? It looks so clean.
Philip: I don’t do much here. I sleep in the bed, I cook in the kitchen, and I sit on the sofa in front of the TV. My house and my life are very simple.


Part 2

Ms. Smith: Hi, my name’s Ms. Smith. I’m here to look at the house.
Samantha: Come in, come in. I’m Samantha. Follow me, I’ll show you around.
Ms. Smith: Thank you.
Samantha: This is the living room. There is a TV on the wall, a sofa against the wall, and a table in the corner. There are 4 chairs.
Ms. Smith: Very nice. I like the sofa: it looks very comfortable. And the TV is new.
Samantha: This is the dining room. There is a dining table, and there are 6 chairs around it. The kitchen is through that door.
Ms. Smith: Very good. The table is a good size.
Samantha: This is the bedroom. There is a bed, a desk, a chair, and a lamp. There are some drawers too. You can keep your clothes in there.
Ms. Smith: How long have you lived here?
Samantha: I have lived here for 2 years, but I want to move to a new house closer to my work.
Ms. Smith: I see. How much is the rent?
Samantha: It’s £200 a month.
Ms. Smith: That’s not bad. Well, thank you Samantha. Let me think about it. I will call you tomorrow.


Part 3

There are lots of things in my room. There is a bed, and a desk, and a bookcase. There are some drawers too. In the corner there is a small TV, and next to my bed there is a small table.
My room is a mess. My clothes are on the bed, and my books are on the floor. My homework is on the desk, but a glass and a plate are on the homework. There are some flowers on the desk too, but they are dead. My shoes are not together: one shoe is under the bed, and one shoe is under the bookcase. My toothbrush and a box of sweets are in the bookcase. There is also a sock on the TV.
Tomorrow I will tidy my room. Maybe.


Part 4

Yesterday Dave decided to tidy his room. He had to move a lot of things.

His clothes were on the bed. Now they are in the drawers. His books were on the floor, but now they are in the bookcase. A glass and a plate were on his homework, but now they are in the kitchen. One of his shoes was under the bed, and one of his shoes was under the bookcase. Now they are next to the door. His toothbrush was in the bookcase; now it is in the bathroom. A sock was on the TV. It is in the washing machine now. And some dead flowers were on the desk. They are now in the bin.

Yesterday Anna had a party. The house got very messy.

Her shoes, which were next to the door, are now in the bath. Her toothbrush, which was in the bathroom, is now in one of her shoes. Her clothes, which were in the drawers, are now on the floor. Her books, which were on the bookcase, are now under the bed. Her DVDs, which were next to the TV, are now under the sofa. And the sofa, which was against the wall, is now in the garden.

Yesterday Samantha moved house. Everything that was in her house is now in a box or in the bin.