Part 1

Emili: You look happy. Did you find some money or something?
Anna: No no. Nothing like that.
Emili: Ah, so it must be a guy. Come on, don’t be shy.
Anna: Alright, alright. Recently I met someone. I think he’s great.
Emili: Oh, is that so? Tell me what he’s like.
Anna: He’s kind, funny, and very generous. He is also intelligent: he’s a Chinese teacher.
Emili: Sounds good. What does he look like?
Anna: He’s a bit older than me: he’s 42. He is quite tall, thin, and wears glasses.
Emili: How about his hair?
Anna: Umm, well he is losing his hair.
Emili: So he is bald, old, skinny, and a nerd. Great guy Anna.
Anna: Oh, be quiet.

1. ‘…or something?’ = (casual English) or something similar to that
2. ‘come on’ = (casual English) go on / I want to hear
3. ‘is that so?’ = (casual English) really?
4. nerd = someone who loves uncool things, like books, computers, or stamps
5. ‘oh, be quiet’ = (casual English) polite way to say ‘shut up’


Part 2

Courier: Hi, I’m looking for a Samantha Brannigan.
Lobby Attendant: Oh, she’s in the main room.
Courier: It’s quite busy in there. Could you tell me what she looks like?
Lobby Attendant: Oh, sure. She’s in her mid-20s, average height, thin, with long black wavy hair. She is wearing a white top, black jacket, and black skirt.
Courier: Umm. Are you Ms. Samantha Brannigan?
Chloe: I’m afraid not. She’s the good-looking woman standing in the corner with the glass of white wine.
Courier: Oh, I’m so sorry.
Chloe: Never mind. It’s no problem.

1. a + (name) – if you don’t know who the person is, and there are lots of people, you can use ‘a…’
2. early/mid/late – early is 0-3, mid 4-6, late 7-9. Mid-20s = 24-26
3. the person…ing – how to describe which person.
Which person is Mr. Smith?
He is the man standing on the chair.


Part 3

Last Saturday I was sitting in a beer garden people-watching. Some of the people were very strange. There was a short man with long grey hair in a pony-tail talking to a young short woman with short red hair. The man had a cat with him. There was a pair of tall, thin twins drinking red wine in the corner, and a very fat woman in a pink and black dress sitting in the corner talking to herself. A man dressed in a dress was dancing on one of the tables. Finally, there was a beautiful woman kissing an ugly man in the doorway. I am never going back to that bar again.

1. beer garden = a garden in a bar
2. people-watching(v.) = watching people


Part 4

Who are these people or characters?
1. A fat man with a white beard. He has a kind heart, and likes to travel. Children really like him.
2. A thin smiling girl with long blonde hair. She is old, but looks very young. Lots of people like her. She’s made of plastic.
3. A fat bear. He didn’t used to wear a red T-shirt, but now does in stupid cartoons. He is not clever, but is kind. He loves honey, and his friends are a boy, a pig, a donkey, an owl, two kangaroos, and a tiger.
4. He is very short, and has a big moustache. His brother looks the same. He usually wears a red hat, a red shirt, and blue dungarees. He likes driving, sports, and having adventures.
5. He is a good-looking British man. His clothes are always very good, and all the women love him. His job is very dangerous, but he is excellent at it. He has a licence to kill.

1. Father Christmas
2. Barbie
3. Winnie the Pooh/Pooh Bear
4. Mario
5. James Bond / 007 (double-oh seven, not double-zero seven)