Useful vocabulary and phrases

off (to…)head off (to…)
pop out (to…)step out (to…)
nip out (to…)

*’Head off’ is used for starting a journey


Dialogue 1

“Oh, hey Anna. Where are you off to?”
“I’m going to work. How about you?”
“I’m off to work. See you tonight.”

Dialogue 2

“Hi Dave. How are things?”
“Oh, not bad.”
“Any plans for the summer?”
“Actually, my parents are off to Italy this summer, so I will be home alone.”
“Nice. House party?”

Dialogue 3

“I’m just popping out to the shop. Want anything?”
“Ok. One bag of crisps.”
“And wine.”
“You can get your own wine.”

Dialogue 4

“I’m just nipping out to the bank. I’ll be back in five minutes.”
“Ok. See you in five.”

Dialogue 5

“Do you have time to talk Dave?”
“I’m afraid not. I’m just heading off to work, but I will call you later, OK?”
“Yes, OK. But make sure that you do.”

Dialogue 6

“OK Gran, we’re heading off now. We’ll call you when we get home.”
“Alright. Have a safe journey.”

Dialogue 7

“Is Mr Johnson in?”
“I’m afraid he has just stepped out for a moment. He should be back in five minutes. Do you want to wait?”
“I’m afraid I can’t. Can I leave a message?”
“Of course.”
“Could you tell him that Samantha stopped by, and to give her a call as soon as possible?”
“Yes, sure.”
“Thank you.”