It is impossible to guess the exact question the exam will ask. The examiners, however, have to choose a topic on which everyone has an opinion.

Here are some possible areas and example questions (do not expect these exact questions to appear on the test – these are merely possibilities)

(Note: the question often begins with a statement or fact, then the question)


‘The detrimental effect car ownership is having on society and the environment now outweighs the personal freedom it allows’. Do you agree with this statement.

Should urban planners and city managers create ‘no car’ zones? What would be the benefits and drawbacks of such areas?

School & Education

Technology has changed the way in which children relate to the world. Are textbooks still relevant in today’s classroom?

Young public school teachers have a high dropout rate, often changing jobs within the first three years. What problems lead to this issue, and what can be done to keep teachers in schools?

Travel & Tourism

The scope of travel and number of tourists has greatly grown in recent times. What efforts can be made in ‘sustainable’ travel to balance people’s want to holiday with the needs of the environment?

‘Luxury holidaying is no longer about how far one travels, but how long it takes to get there’. Do you think that the traditionally slower forms of transport, such as the train or boat, have become status symbols. Can they continue to compete against the plane and automobile?


The financial rewards for polluting are often greater than the potential punishment. What changes can be made to discourage businesses from damaging the environment in the pursuit of profit?

Is environmental activism or government policy a more effective way to protect the environment?

Parents & Children

In many poor areas children have to work in order to help with the family’s finances, often in dangerous jobs. Should parents who make their children work be punished by the law?

‘Children learn more from parents than they do in extra-curricular activities’. Do you agree or disagree with this statement?


‘The ‘career politician’ has only his own interests at heart’. Should there be restrictions in place regarding who can work in public service?

Are there times in which it is right for a government to not follow the country’s law?

Culture & Culture Preservation

Should the government spend public money protecting local dialects and minority languages?

Many ethnic minorities have turned to tourism as a means of earning money whilst upholding tradition. In your opinion, does tourism promote or demean local cultures?


Does the internet bring people closer together, or encourage people to be less social?

Technology companies are promising a future in which every household appliance is connected through a central control. Critics point out this could potentially give these companies greater control over people’s lives. In your opinion is a connected home an advancement?

General Social Issues

‘The media, rather than the government or education system, controls a country’s opinion.’ Do you agree or disagree with this statement?

‘The modern city hides an unhealthy lifestyle behind the promise of convenience’. As cities around the world get larger, is city life becoming better or worse?