1. What is frequency?

Frequency is how often something is done.

In English, there are different ways to talk about frequency.
One way is to add an ‘adverb of frequency’, which is a special frequency word.

How oftenAdverb of frequencyExample
100% of timesalwaysI always brush my teeth before I go to bed.
>50% of timesusuallyI usually read before I go to sleep.
<50% of timessometimesI sometimes watch a DVD on my computer in bed.
a small % of timesrarelyI rarely go to bed before 11pm.
0% of timesneverI never eat after I brush my teeth at night.

2. How to use adverbs of frequency

Adverbs of frequency go before the verb if the verb is not ‘be’.
Adverbs of frequency go after the verb if the verb is ‘be’.

3. Examples of adverbs of frequency

I rarely see you these days.The cat is usually asleep on the chair.
You are always mean to me.The weather forecast is sometimes wrong.
Francesco sometimes comes to work by bike.They rarely go to the football when it is on Sunday.
Helga and I will probably never go to that restaurant again.Monique never tells her boyfriend where she is going.