Get + (n.) vs. Get (+ adj.)

1. Different meanings of ‘get’

There are different meanings of ‘get’:

  • to receive
  • to become or make

2. Get = receive

‘Get’ can mean receive. This structure is:

  • subject + get + noun (object)
I got a present for my birthday.He got a pay rise this month.
Tomorrow I will get the chance to meet her.Marley didn’t get the package.

3. Get = become or make

In spoken English, ‘get’ can mean become or make. This structure is:

  • subject + get + adjective
Steve gets mad every time his wife talks to another man.The longer the game went on, the angrier he got.
He got rich because he worked hard.If you don’t put on your jacket, you will get cold.

4. Exercises

1. Use ‘get + n.’ in these sentences (remember the correct tense).

(i) Last Friday I _____ some bad news: my contract will not be renewed.
(ii) The new player ______ a warm welcome from the fans.
(iii) If you don’t shut up you ______ a punch in the face.

2. Change these sentences into the ‘get + adj.’ model:
(i) He became angry when he saw the book had been ripped/
(ii) The kitchen became dirtier and dirtier as the year passed.
(iii) Last Saturday night he became quite drunk after drinking a bottle of wine.

3. Change these sentences out of the ‘get + adj.’ model:
(i) She got embarrassed when he said he liked her.
(ii) I did so much walking my shoes got worn out.
(iii) The weather got worse and worse as the holiday continued.