Useful vocabulary and phrases

Hello =…

HiGood morning

How are you? =…

How’s it going?How’re you doing?

I’m fine =…

Not badAlright
Can’t complainMeh

And you? =…

You?What about you?
Yourself?How about yourself?
How about you?What about yourself?

What are you doing? =…

What are you up to?Up to anything?
Doing anything?

Nothing =…

Nothing specialSame as always
Nothing interestingSame old same old
Nothing muchMm, you know

Where are you going? =…

Where are you off to?Where are you heading?

Are you busy? =…

Are you free?Do you have time?
Are you up to anything?

Do you want…? =…

Would you like…?Do you fancy…?

Yes, please =…

SureWhy not?
I don’t see why not

No, thanks =…

SorryI’m afraid I can’t


ByeSee you later
See youCatch you later
See you tomorrowTalk to you later
See you aroundLater


Dialogue 1

“How’s it going?”
“Not bad, thanks. How about you?”
“Can’t complain. What are you up to?”
“I’m just watching a bit of TV.”
“Fancy a drink later?”
“7 Ok?”
“7 is fine. See you then.”

Dialogue 2

“Hey. How you doing?”
“I’m alright, thanks. You?”
“Listen, you up to anything this weekend?”
“Same old same old. Why?”
“Fancy meeting up to play some golf?”
“I don’t see why not. What time?”
“Saturday at 10-ish.”
“I’ll see you there.”