IELTS Writing – Task 2

In Task 2, students must write an argumentative essay of around 250 words based on a provided question. Students are expected to consider both sides of the argument, choose a position, and provide evidence or arguments for this position. Students have 1 hour to complete Task 1 and Task 2, and it is recommended students give 40 minutes to Task 2.

How to Improve Your Grade

How to improve IELTS Writing – Task 2

Sample Questions and Answers

Example 1: Violence in entertainmentExample 12: Effects of less face-to-face time
Example 2: Learn foreign languages as childrenExample 13: Ban food advertising
Example 3: Designated calendar daysExample 14: Shopping because of peer pressure
Example 4: Art affects cultureExample 15: Children should be obedient
Example 5: Economic development vs social valuesExample 16: Schools should concentrate on useful subjects
Example 6: Tackling anti-social behaviourExample 17: Families are becoming less close
Example 7: Thinking about the futureExample 18: Public money is for services, not celebrations
Example 8: Technology lowers writing skillsExample 19: Local film industries need help
Example 9: Young people can be leadersExample 20: Robots could be harmful
Example 10: Ban the sale of unhealthy foodExample 21: Advantages and disadvantages of globalisation
Example 11: Language class sizesExample 22: Technology can fix environmental problems

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