Useful vocabulary and phrases


This is my…May I introduce…?
I’d like to introduce you to…Have you met…?


She is a (job)We work together
She works as a (job)We used to work together
She works for (company)We know each other through work
She works in (sector)

Other Background

She was…She’s going to be (do) ing…
She’s going to be…(+ position)She’s a keen (golfer)


She’s a big fan of yours

Polite Responses

Pleased to meet youI’ve heard a lot about you
It’s a pleasure to meet youx speaks very highly of you
It’s a pleasurePlease, call me (first name) (formal)
How do you do?

Polite Responses: Questions

So how do you know x?So what brings you to (this place)?
What is your relationship to x? (very formal)


Dialogue 1

“Peter, this is my fiancee Alicia. She works in IT. Alicia, this is Peter. He’s a computer programmer.”
“Pleased to meet you.”

Dialogue 2

“Martin, come here. I’d like to introduce you to Mr. Jackson, my old physics teacher.”
“How do you do?”
“It’s a pleasure.”
“So how do you know Anthony?”
“Oh, we were college roommates. And you were his teacher? That must have been hard work.”
“No harder than any other student. Actually he was quite bright.”
“So where did it all go wrong?”

Dialogue 3

“Dave, this is my mum. Mum, this is Dave.”
“Hello Mrs Brannigan.”
“Hello Dave. Please, call me Jude.”
“Very well. Pleased to meet you Jude.”
“And how do you know my daughter?”
“Oh, I guess we’re friends. We have a class together.”
“Friends? Is that all?”
“Mum! You’re embarrassing me!”

Dialogue 4

“Mr. Van Keefe, may I introduce you to Mrs. Portia Hadley.”
“How do you do Mrs. Hadley?”
“Oh please, call me Portia.”
“Very well. And what brings you to Scunthorpe Portia?”
“I’m here to meet my son, Thomas.”
“Oh, you’re Thomas Hadley’s mother. I’ve heard so much about you.”
“All of it good, I hope.”
“Of course. The boys speak very highly of you.”