Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was liked by everyone she knew, and loved by her mother and grandmother. The child liked to wear a red, velvet hood, and so people called her Little Red Riding Hood.
One day Little Red Riding Hood’s mother spoke to her girl.
“Your grandmother is sick today. I want you to go and see her, and take these cakes to her.”
“Of course” the girl answered.
“And remember, stay on the path.”
So Little Red Riding Hood left her mother’s house and went towards her grandmother’s. It was a long walk, and after half an hour she met a wolf.
“Good morning Little Red Riding Hood” said the wolf.
“Good morning Mr. Wolf” she replied.
“Where are you going this morning?” asked the wolf.
“I’m going to my grandmother’s house to give her these cakes.”
“Interesting” said the wolf. “And where does your grandmother live?”
“In a cottage in the woods, along this path, under three big oak trees” Little Red Riding Hood told him.
The wolf nodded.
‘Somehow’, he thought, ‘I can eat the grandmother and the girl.’
The two walked on a while. finally the wolf said,
“Look at those beautiful flowers! Why don’t you pick some? I’m sure your grandmother would like them.”
Little Red Riding Hood agreed this was a very good idea, and she stepped off the path and went to pick some flowers. While she was picking the flowers the wolf ran away, heading to the grandmother’s house.
When the wolf got to the grandmother’s house, he knocked on the door.
“Who is there?” asked the grandmother.
“It’s Little Red Riding Hood” the wolf lied.
“Come in, come in” called the grandmother. So the wolf entered the house and ate the grandmother. Then, laughing, he put on some of the grandmother’s clothes and lay in the bed.
A while later Little Red Riding Hood arrived at the house. She knocked on the door.
“Who is there?” asked the wolf.
“It is Little Red Riding Hood.”
“Come in, come in.”
Little Red Riding Hood entered the house. She looked at her grandmother, who looked very strange indeed!
“Oh Grandmother” she said, “what big ears you have!”
“All the better to hear you with, my dear” answered the wolf.
“And Grandmother, what big eyes you have!”
“All the better to see you with, my dear” answered the wolf.
“And Grandmother, what big teeth you have!”
“All the better to eat you with!” cried the wolf, and in one gulp it swallowed the girl.
Having eaten the grandmother and the girl, the wolf felt quite tired, and went to sleep. He snored very very loudly, so loudly that a hunter nearby came to the house. He saw the wolf and knew what it was.
“Ah, you wicked wolf.” The hunter was just about to shoot the wolf, but saw its fat stomach so instead took some scissors and cut the wolf open. Out jumped Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother, both alive.
The hunter now filled the wolf’s stomach with heavy stones. When the wolf woke up it tried to jump on the three, but the stones were so heavy it could not move and fell, dead.
Little Red Riding Hood, her grandmother and the hunter then sat down and enjoyed the cakes. And Little Red Riding Hood told herself that she would listen to her mother and never leave the path again.