The Writing Exam (overall)

60 minutes is given to both parts of the writing task. It is recommended 40 minutes are given to the second part.

Part 2 should consist of at least 250 words.

What the guide says about part 2

The IELTS guide describes part 2 as such:

‘Students are presented a point of view, argument or problem. They are assessed on their ability to provide general factual information, outline a problem and present a solution, present and justify an opinion, evaluate and challenge ideas, evidence or arguments. Candidates are also judged on their ability to write in an appropriate style.’

In other words…

Students are given a question asking for an opinion or argument. That opinion or argument is to be written intelligently and logically, with evidence and good ideas.

Within that writing good English showing a variety of styles is to be shown.

The writing should reach more than 250 words.