1. What are reflexive pronouns?

Reflexive pronouns are special words that say a person is doing something to him/herself.

They are used instead of normal object pronouns.

2. How to use reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns replace object pronouns.

PronounObject pronounReflexive pronoun

Reflexive pronouns are used in the same way as object pronouns.
This means in S.V.O. (subject-verb-object) sentences, they are after the verb.

For example: He loves himself.
subject = he
verb = loves
object = himself

3. Examples of reflexive pronouns

I hit myself.It killed itself.
You can help yourself to food from the fridge.The dog washed itself in the pond. (The dog = it)
Fergal always talks about himself. (Fergal = he) You can’t vote for yourself.
Marcus and Jose don’t like themselves. (Marcus and Jose = they)Tina rewarded herself. (Tina = she)
The queen talks to herself. (The queen = she)You, Pete and I need to protect ourselves. (You, Pete and I = we)