Part 1

Anna: Hi Philip. How are things?
Philip: Not bad. Yourself?
Anna: I’m alright. Are you free this week for a game of badminton?
Philip: Let me think. I’m working from Monday to Friday during the day, and I’m busy on Monday and Wednesday evening. I don’t have any time on Saturday either, so we can play on Tuesday, Thursday or Friday evening, or any time on Sunday.
Anna: I’m working late this week, but I will be free on Sunday afternoon.
Philip: Great. Sunday afternoon it is.
Anna: Excellent. I have to go now, but I’ll give you a call later and tell you what time.
Philip: Talk to you later.


Part 2

Dave: Hi Samantha. You look tired.
Samantha: I’m exhausted. I’m so busy at the moment. I woke up at 5 30 today because I had a meeting at 6 30, and this afternoon my boss gave me a lot of things to do. Yesterday I had meetings all day, and on Monday there was a problem at the shop, so I had to work overtime. I got home at 10.
Dave: Oh dear.
Samantha: I was busy at the weekend too: my parents arrived on Saturday, so I had to meet them at the train station, check them into their hotel, show them around town, book restaurants, organize their train ticket home, and then get them back to the train station.
Dave: Are you going to be busy for the next few days?
Samantha: Yes. Tomorrow there is another morning meeting from 9 to 12, and on Friday we have to re-stock the shop because we have some new clothes coming in. That will go on for 3 or 4 hours. Then next week I have a business trip to Tokyo. That will last for 4 days.
Dave: My god. Do you want a hand at the shop on Friday. I’m off that day.
Samantha: That’s very kind of you, but I think I had better do that by myself.
Dave: Ok. But if I can help you with anything, let me know.
Samantha: Thank you Dave. That’s very sweet of you.


Part 3

Philip is a Chinese teacher, and from Monday to Friday he has a busy schedule. In the morning, before classes, he prepares his lessons. That usually takes an hour. Then the school day begins.
At school, all Philip’s lessons last for 50 minutes, and in the morning he has primary school students. From 9 to 9 50 he has Grade 1 students. They are very young and very noisy. Philip is quite old and quite quiet, so he doesn’t like that class. From 10 to 10 50 he has Grade 7 students, who are OK. From 11 to 11 50 he has Year 4 students. Their Chinese isn’t bad, but they are lazy and always speak in English. Philip has lunch from 11 50 to 1.
In the afternoon he has high school students. The seniors have class from 1 to 1 50, and the 2nd years have class with Philip from 2 to 2 50. From 3 to 3 50 Philip has a teachers’ meeting, and then he marks homework. That also takes about an hour.
In the evening, after dinner, Philip teaches an adults’ class. This is his favourite class, and it goes on for 2 hours. Sometimes he goes out for a drink with the students after class, but he doesn’t drink a lot because he has to wake up early (except for Saturday, when he wakes up at 10).


Part 4

Dave works as a waiter. This is his schedule for this week:


10am – 10.45am Staff Meeting
11am – 2pm Work (lunchtime shift)
5pm- 10pm Work (evening shift)


11am – 2pm Work (lunchtime shift)
5pm – 10pm Work (evening shift)


11am – 2pm Work (lunchtime shift)
6.30pm – 8.30pm Class
9pm Drinks with Philip






6 30am – 9am Work (cover breakfast shift)
11am – 2pm Work (lunchtime shift)
5pm- 10pm Work (evening shift)


9am Breakfast with Philip & Anna
11am – 2pm Work (lunchtime shift)
5pm- 10pm Work (evening shift)