1. What is a simile?

Similes are used to compare things.

2. How to make similes

Similes can be made in 2 different ways:

  • …as…as…
  • …like…

3. As…as…

As…as… is used for adjectives (tall, fat, red) and adverbs (quickly, well, badly, intelligently).

It is made by:

  • (noun x) is as (adjective) as (noun y)
  • (noun x) (verb) as (adverb) as (noun y)
(n. x) is as (adj.) as (n. y)(n. x) (v.) as (adv.) as (n. y)
He is as tall as a tree.I run as slowly as I walk.
She is as strong as a gorilla.She does her homework as quickly as her mother eats her breakfast.
This city is as ugly as a public toilet.Terrance sings as well as I do.
Isabella and Ryan are as mean as Cruella de Vil.They are playing as badly as they always do.

4. Like…

Like… is used to compare one thing (noun, verb or adjective) to another.

It is made by:

  • (noun x) is like (noun y)
  • (noun x) (verb) like (noun y)
  • (noun x) is (adjective), like (noun y)
Their house is like a palace.She sings like an angel.I am fat, like a lazy pig.
The students are like prisoners, unable to escape.My cat sleeps all day, like a koala.He is tall, like his father.
My hair is like a bird’s nest.I dance like I run: badly.The car is red, like a fire engine.
This film is just like the last one. It is so stupid.This computer’s fan sounds like a hovercraft.Her new company is failing, like her last one did.

5. Exercises

Create similes to describe:
(i) yourself
(ii) your best friend
(iii) your house
(iv) your favourite TV show