1. What is the future continuous tense?

The future continuous tense is used to say what will be happening at a future time.

2. How to make the future continuous tense

There are two ways to make the future continuous tense:

  • will be …ing (+ future time)
  • be going to be …ing (+ future tense)

*Note: the future time can be at the start or at the end of a sentence. It can also be dropped if everyone knows what time is being talked about.

3. Will be …ing

Future continuous events can be described using:

  • x + will be …ing (+ future time)
Verbwill be …ingFuture timeExample sentence
eatwill be eating breakfastat 6am tomorrowI will be eating my breakfast at 6am tomorrow.
sleepwill be sleepingwhen you get homeShe will be sleeping when you get home.
havewill be having dinnerearly tonightWe will be having dinner early tonight, so come home quickly.

4. Be going to be …ing

Future continuous events can also be described using:

  • x + be going to be …ing (+ future time)
Verbis going to be …ingFuture timeExample sentence
cookam going to be cooking lunchduring the gameI am going to be cooking lunch during the game.
haveis going to be having a meetingwhen I arriveTracy is going to be having a meeting when I arrive.
rainis going to be rainingduring the gameIt is probably going to be raining during the game, so bring a jacket.

5. Using the future continuous to stress an action

The future continuous tense can also be used to stress an action in the future. This is because ‘…ing’ stresses the verb more than the simple future.

Future tenseMeaningFuture continuous tenseMeaning
I will go to Spain tomorrow.General statement of truthI will be going to Spain tomorrow.Stress on the extraordinariness of action
He will talk to Marcus this afternoon.General statement of truthHe will be talking to Marcus this afternoon.Stress on the importance of the action
The band will play the Super Bowl.General statement of truthThe band will be playing the Super Bowl.Stress on the extraordinariness of the action

6. Making questions

A common use for the future continuous tense is to ask questions about what a person will be doing in the future.

Future continuous questions are made by:

  • will + subject + be …ing (+ future time)
  • be + subject + going to be …ing (+ future time)

A question word (what, why, who, when, etc.) can be added to the front of the structure.

Question wordWillSubjectBe …ingFuture timeExample question
whatwillyoube doingthis weekendWhat will you be doing this weekend?
wherewillMishabe goingfor her birthdayWhere will Misha be going for her birthday?
whenwillyoube meetingWhen will you be meeting Dave?
question wordbesubjectgoing to be …ingfuture timefull question
whyisWilsongoing to be playingtomorrowWhy is Wilson going to be playing tomorrow?
howareyougoing to be travelling to RioHow are you going to be travelling to Rio?
which busareyougoing to be taking to the cinemaon Monday nightWhich bus are you going to be taking to the cinema on Monday night?