The Weather

Part 1

Anna: What a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and I’m happy.
Dave: Yes, sunny days are my favourite too. Yesterday the weather was terrible: rainy, windy, cloudy, freezing. What are you going to do today?
Anna: I’m going to go to the park. How about you?
Dave: I have to go to work.
Anna: Oh dear. Do you have to work tomorrow too?
Dave: No, tomorrow is my day off. What will the weather be like?
Anna: I read it will be another sunny day. 15° in the morning, and 25° in the afternoon.
Dave: Great. I think I’ll go to the beach.
Anna: Good idea. Ok, I have to go now. Talk to you later.


Part 2

Philip: (answering the phone) Hello?
Haley: Hi, Philip? It’s Haley.
Philip: Oh, hi Haley. How are you?
Haley: Very well, thanks. I’m in Italy.
Philip: Italy? Wow, that’s great. How’s the weather?
Haley: Not bad. Today is a bit cloudy, and this morning it was rainy, but yesterday was very nice: sunny all day.
Philip: Well, it is freezing here. The TV says it is 5°, but it feels like -5°. What have you been doing?
Haley: Yesterday we went to a lake because it was sunny. Today we have been shopping, and went to a restaurant, because of the rain. The weather will be warm again tomorrow, so we will go out.
Philip: Very nice. I wish I was in Italy too. When do you come back?
Haley: In 2 days. We will come and see you.
Philip: Sure. How’s the food?
Haley: The food is wonderful. Last night we sat outside at a restaurant. It was warm, but with a light breeze, and we ate pasta and drank a bottle of red wine. It was Paradise.
Philip: I bet. Sorry, sis, I have to head out now. Ok, I’ll see you when you are back.
Haley: No problem. Talk to you later.


Part 3

I think the weather in Shanghai is terrible. It is always too hot, too cold, too wet, or too windy.
In summer, Shanghai is boiling. The temperature is between 35° and 40° every day. It is hot and sweaty. Sometimes I need to take 3 cold showers a day. If I walk to work I have to change my clothes because they are sweaty, and I smell awful.
In the winter, Shanghai is too cold. The temperature is about 2°, but it feels very cold. At night my apartment is freezing. When it is cold and windy I don’t want to go out.
In spring, Shanghai is wet. It rains a lot, and there are a lot of storms. If I am inside, I really like the storms – I watch them from my window – but if I am outside it is horrible.
In the autumn, it is very windy. Sometimes it is very hot (like summer), but sometimes it can be cold. However, autumn is my favourite season in Shanghai.


Part 4

In English, there are different ways to talk about the weather.

Adjectives: sunny; rainy; windy; cloudy; snowy; stormy

It is sunny today.
It was windy 2 days ago.
It is going to be snowy on Friday.

Verbs: rain; snow

It is raining at the moment.
It was snowing this morning.
It will rain tonight.

Nouns + Verbs: sun – shine; rain – fall/pour; wind – blow; snow – fall

The sun is shining at the moment.
The wind was blowing last night.
Snow is going to fall tomorrow.

Some Special Words: boiling; freezing; breezy; drizzly; pouring

It’s boiling. I think it is 38°.
Last night was freezing. It was -2°.
It isn’t very windy, but it is a little breezy.
It was a little drizzly this morning, but now it is sunny.
On Tuesday it was pouring. We didn’t go out.