Theme Park Layout

Proposed changes to a theme park
The given diagrams show the current layout of a theme park, and proposed changes.
Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.
Write at least 150 words.

The two diagrams illustrate the proposed changes to a theme park, with the first displaying where the various amenities and attractions are currently located, and the second indicating future placement and substitutions.

One of the most prominent desired changes is the removal of the children’s railway that takes up much of the west side of the park. It shall be replaced by two new activities: bungee jumping (situated in the north-west corner of the park), and ‘The Mummy’ roller coaster. The latter of these will extend further south than the children’s railway presently does, and as a consequence the toilets will be moved from the south-west corner to a position next to the food court in the south-east (the food court shall also be affected, as it will rotate 90 degrees, from running east-west to instead being north-south). The final change will be beside the entrance, where the single ticket stand will be split into two independent sections catering to individual and group tickets respectively.

For all these changes, some areas of the theme park shall remain unaltered, namely the musical fountain, the duck pond, and ‘Pirate Dave’s Roller Coaster’. These three sites are situated in the centre and north-east of the park, meaning the majority of changes will be to the south and west sections.