For this essay you should know how to write 3 types of paragraph
Argument / Opinion


An introduction is a link between the question and the arguments/opinions. It should frame the question, and then have a thesis (a thesis is a statement that says exactly what the essay will talk about).

As well as the thesis, add background information relating to the question.

Since the CPU was developed in the 1970s – a technical advance that greatly increased the potential and power of electronics – computers have shaped the world in myriad of ways, shifting the methods in which people store data, interact, and do business. In this essay I shall discuss the three areas in which I believe the age of the PC has made its greatest impact, and the benefits and disadvantages of these effects.

(thesis is in red)


In a basic IELTS essay paragraphs with arguments should have a topic sentence. This is a sentence that says what the main argument is.

It should be followed by supportive sentences. These are sentences that support the idea. The best supportive sentences are evidence, but can also be examples or hypotheticals.

Computers have certainly altered the manner in which people communicate, arguably to a greater extent than any other technology (including the pen, the printing press and the telephone).  The most obvious example of such a change has been with the rise of internet which, like a white board awaiting post-it notes, has allowed people across the globe to present ideas to an unprecedented audience. Usually people think of this in terms of social media – sites such as Facebook, Weibo, Twitter – but the basic truth is that newspapers, businesses and even fundamentalism are all sharing opinions across the World Wide Web. Backed by the more personal methods of talking such as email and instant messaging the majority of communication in developed countries is now done through the keyboard and screen. 

(topic sentence is in red)


The conclusion is a paragraph that considers the answers and arguments given. From these arguments a final answer to the question should be given.

Note: the thesis and the conclusion should match ideas.

Considering these arguments – the effects on communication, the ease in which commerce is now conducted, and the manner in which geographical distances have been shortened – computing has made the modern world. It is also, in my opinion, a genie that cannot be put back in its bottle: this is our world now, and there is no retracing our steps.  In regards to the drawbacks, such as reducing the personal interaction of one’s daily life, this is a shame, but ultimately the benefits outweigh the problems providing one uses the tools to create and find happiness, rather than share misery. And perhaps this is the true answer to the question as to how much computers have changed the world: they have changed the method in which we act, but done nothing about the motivation for the action.

(final answer is in red)