Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Original, offbeat, and often silly. Also made a series of movies. Youtube Youku
Fawlty Towers – Based on an uptight, stressed-out English hotelier. Part-written and starring John Cleese of Monty Python. Youtube Tudou
Blackadder – Historical comedy, of which series 2-4 are viewed as some of Britain’s most iconic comedies. Youtube Tudou
Whose Line is it Anyway? – Long-running improvised comedy, with both US and UK versions. Youtube Tudou
Fast Show – Catchphrase-based sketch show Youtube Tudou
Spaced – Flatmates pretending to be married Youtube Youku
The Office – UK mocumentary following a cringe-worthy boss and the sad life of office workers. Remade for the American audience. Youtube Sina
Nathan Barley – The horrendous world of media types. Youtube


Cheers – Bar-based comedy that ran for nearly a decade. tubeplus
Seinfeld – One of the most watched comedies in TV history. Crackle
The Simpsons – Early seasons are regarded by many as some of the best TV ever made. Dailytv Sina
Friends – Very popular feel-good sit-com about 6 friends in their 20s. Youtube Sohu
Frasier – Cheers spin-off about a psychiatrist living with his family. Frasier episodes Tudou