Lenny Bruce – Jewish comedian who pushed the laws of what could be said Youtube
Richard Pryor – the first big name African-American comedian Youtube Youku
George Carlin – famous ‘7 dirty words’ skit, and a long successful career Youtube Tudou
Eddie Murphy – His ‘Delirious’ show made him a star and launched a film career Youtube Tudou
Joan Rivers – sharp wit and a big mouth Youtube Tudou
Rodney Dangerfield – king of the one-liners Youtube PPSTV
Victoria Wood – sit-com and middle class comedy Youtube Tudou
Bill Hicks – idolised for left-wing politics and anti-religious comedy Youtube Tudou
Jack Dee – deadpan comic who discusses why life is miserable
Chris Rock – superstar comedian with routines that go through race, parenthood and a famous gun-control rant Youtube Youku
Dave Chappelle – comedian who often looked at race relations Youtube Youku
Louis CK – dry and deliberately hateful about the world and the stupid Youtube Tudou